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Attention girls! You too can have equal rights!


Girls are equal too! The Women’s movement for teenagers

This book is a blast from my past!  As a 49 year old librarian this book was a stroll down memory lane.  I loved titles like this when I was a teenager and would have read everything even semi radical and subversive!  That said, in 2009 this book is beyond stupid.  Teenagers  today will HATE the stupid cartoon people on the front and wonder what idiot believes that girls aren’t equal. This book belongs in a museum NOT in a youth nonfiction collection in a small public library!

15 Responses to Attention girls! You too can have equal rights!

  • I’m a librarian in a very large public system & I’ve always wanted to make a travelling display called “Why We Weed”, featuring things like the AIDS documentary from 1989 (withdrawn in 2007) and all the pets.com era “INVEST IN THE INTER NET” books I withdrew in 2008.

    Now here it is in blog form!

  • I like that the girl on the cover who holds the wrench and is in “construction” is wearing a dress. Equality! – while still looking good.

  • These cartoon characters look like something out of “School House Rock”.

  • Written by a man (presumably – Dale) with “Decorations” by a woman. Decorations?

  • You are right; weed this stuff from your public library. Just make sure that your local institute of higher ed has a copy in their library, especially but not only if they have a women’s studies program. Almost all the stuff on this page will be valuable to historians in 2-50 years as documentation of attitudes. Of course, so will the “up-to-date” stuff we produce.

  • Thats too funny though to see how people thought in those days. I have a few books from my own childhood, mostly golden books. One with a father taking her daughter to the zoo where all the animals are closed up in little metal cages.
    Another blast from the past was when my daughter came home with “A Horse and His Boy”. It still had the old cards we had to sign to check books out and the last date was in 1988.

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  • Er, Dale Carlson is a woman and her many books for teens have received a number of ALA and YALSA recognitions. But yeah, it’s probably time for this particular one to go away. Thankfully.

  • cartoons make it happy,so you can employ those teens and pay them minimum wages and exploit them.

  • wait… women are equal now?

  • The book was republished and updated in 1998 as Girls Are Equal Too: The Teenage Girl’s How-to-survive Book with the same illustrations. I remember reading it in the 1980s, illustrations and all, and found it a powerful and enlightening read.

  • I still meet people who don’t think women are equal…and it’s 2009.

  • this book was in the fantasy/sci-fi section right?

  • I think that you dont have to look at how the girl she is looking like but whats inside that girl
    that what i do think …………..

  • i actually read this book in the 70’s and i found it to be informative for it’s time. just because something appears hokey in 2011 doesn’t mean that it wasn’t valuable when it was published. it’s fun to make fun of things but remember, it was a different time and this was actually a great book.