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Art or Nightmare?

Miracle Anne Geddes photosMiracle: a Celebration of New Life
Geddes and Dion

Submitter: I picked this book out of our oversized collection, and was immediately terrified.  My two least favorite things from the 90s – Celine Dion and Anne Geddes.  Nothing could prepare me for the horrors that awaited me within.    First  came the pictures.  The worst was a baby who, while enclosed in an eggplant-esque, nylon womb, was seemingly having the nutrients sucked out of it by a parasitic Celine Dion.  Perhaps that is how she gets her power.  But beyond all of the nightmarish pictures, and the Celine Dion CD soundtrack to accompany your reading terror, was the publication date – 2004!  I thought this book would be over 10 years old at least, but it was apparently just extremely out of date and style when published.  Our system also had at least six copies of the $60.00 book, which is almost as big an atrocity as the fact that this book was ever published.

Holly: Six copies? Good grief!  I’d be curious to know how many circulations they had to see what the ROI was.  The pictures are really weird, although this IS cataloged as “photography of infants” with a call number of 779.25, so in that regard it is meant to be “artistic.”  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not very artsy, so if photos of faux-fetuses in faux-wombs is good art, then here is the book for you!  This had to be one weird photo shoot to witness live.

Celine Dion

New baby

baby in a bag

0 Responses to Art or Nightmare?

  • I love beautiful art and although the sentiment is there, the softness of the expression, and children are beautiful in their own right–I have to agree with you that I would not purchase this book as an art book for my home or office. Perhaps they were going for shock value.

  • This is the creepiest thing I have seen in a long time….

  • I remember when this book came out. At the time I didn’t think my coffee table was really crying out for photos of Celine Dion posing with strangers’ children… Hmm, I still feel that way today. Icky.

  • *shudders* I won’t deny Celine is a talented singer, but she is SO stuck on herself and it comes out in her singing. She acts like she’s better then everyone. Sorry Celine, but I can think of several female singers whom are far superior to you – Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Sarah Brightman, and Susan Boyle, and that’s just the living ones – if Ella Fitzgerald was still around she could sing circles around Celine. The Andrews Sisters too.

    She’s so vain, she probably thinks this post is about her.

  • Here in Quebec, Celine Dion is a goddess! The Quebecois love her in a way that I will never understand. The provincial library located in Montreal has copies of this book in both English and French as well as copies for consultation only in the legal deposit collection (since the book is about someone from Quebec). I really wish I knew how often those copies have circulated. I agree–these photos creep me out!

  • I hope some of the baby “coverings” are photo-shopped. As a parent, I could never imagine giving consent for my child to be used and photographed in such a way.

  • The baby under the skirt should be head down anyway.

  • Celine’s nannies probably raises her babies, anyway, not herself.

  • Wow! you’d think Celine were a Republican or something!

  • So, it’s legal to stuff an entire baby into a nylon stocking? I had no idea.

  • After having my first child I confess to newly finding Anne Geddes’ work to be rather cute, although it never appealed to me before. I have a new respect for how difficult it is to get nice shots of a wrinkly, red-faced infant, and who doesn’t like them best when their eyes are closed, and they are sleeping? The cover of the book doesn’t look TOO bad, but the art inside is not up to her usual standards! It really is kind of creepy and strange. I also have to agree with Deb, I would probably not have signed up to have my baby suspended in what looks likes nylon, nor would she ever, in a million years, have put up with something like that.

  • OMG, I did not realize the child in the pictures were not Rene-Charles at first! EW! Who would let their kids be in such intimate poses with a stranger–as some people have already asked???? Also, I would think that, as a woman who has struggled mightily with infertility, Celine would not necessarily be around infants that she has not been able to have. Creeeepy!

  • Oh, the green hair! All of the pictures look like stills from some version of “Alien.”

  • @Quel – As a republican I’m offended by what you just said. We are not like that. I wouldn’t stuff a baby in a nylon stocking. Now I would shove a nylon stocking down a pedophile’s throat but that’s a whole other kettle of fish….

  • And then again, some things are just a matter of taste. Love your site but sometimes you cross the line and pick on books just because they are not your taste. This is a prime example. I’m a librarian too and I LOVE to weed. Even in our small school library I find no shortage of hideous examples of books that NO ONE should keep. Please, keep focused on that stuff and leave other people’s taste alone or you will soon stop being funny.

  • I’m a bit disturbed as well lol

    But can we please keep politics out of this? That’s the second Republican reference I’ve seen recently. Let’s remember that there are all types here.


  • I remember when this book came out here in France (I then had a good friend who worked at a major bookstore), they were displayed everywhere, especially in the “Christmas gift ideas” shelf (and yes, they sold well.) To respond to your inquiry about the photo shoot, if I’m not mistaken the CD has a DVD with a video of the photo shoot (I never saw it myself but there were ads on TV), or maybe that was in the really special collectors edition.
    That cover is one really badly done over-the-top photoshop job when you think about it.

  • Celine Dion used to have my respect, but since “Titanic”, she’s turned into some bony harpyesque creature with a whiny voice and inflated views of herself. Anne Geddes pics are awesome in small amounts. I’ve got one such picture hanging on my wall and I’m still not tired of it. Calendars are all right too.
    And if you want to get political, harp on Dion’s lack of recent French music. That’s sure to enrage the sovereigntists out in QB. 🙂

  • I refuse to believe that’s a real baby. That’s the only thing that keeps me from screaming, looking at those pictures.

  • Holly’s question: art or nightmare?
    Answer: Nightmare.

  • Anne Geddes generally photographs peacefully sleeping babies au naturel and photoshops them into their costumes and makeup, just to let you know. She is very good at doing cute photo shoots. But this is rather creepy.

  • I think, like others have stated…a lovely ideal but perhaps bad staging. A baby in a nylon stocking, maybe?

  • Huh. Guess I’m the only person who liked it? Heehee!

  • It was supposed to be a joke. Sorry.

  • Dion’s home must look like a pomegranate bordello.

  • Seems like a vanity project for Celine, but the babies are beautiful.

  • Two women, and neither can get the in utero position right? Something freudian about fetuses in nylon stockings, eh?

  • Mother and child and matching lipstick, how artistic!

  • Celine just isn’t my cup of tea, vocally or looks wise. This book was probably funded by her as a vanity project.

  • The horror, the horror…

    It really reminds of movies such as ‘Alien’ and alike…

    I bet I could photoshop the first picture within a ‘Duke Nukem 3D’ screenshot…

  • Someone gave me this book as a baby shower present! I am sure they meant well – but it was so creepy – needless to say – it never made it on my coffee table!

  • The shot of the baby under the dress makes me realize what parasites unborn babies are after all.

  • Jill November said, “Here in Quebec, Celine Dion is a goddess! The Quebecois love her in a way that I will never understand. The provincial library located in Montreal has copies of this book in both English and French as well as copies for consultation only in the legal deposit collection (since the book is about someone from Quebec). I really wish I knew how often those copies have circulated. I agree–these photos creep me out!”

    I agree these pics are creepy and in terrible taste. Many French people in Quebec (including myself) are NOT fans, however. I believe she is popular at least partly because she is from here, originally at least.

    But oh, is that book ever in bad taste. Ugh.