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women are my favorite people coverWomen are my Favorite People

Those of us of a certain age might remember Art Linkletter. He is more of my parents (and grandparents) era than mine. I remember his daytime show from the late 1960s when I was kid. His best stuff was when he interviewed children. This is a memoir of his relationships from old girlfriends to women he met throughout his career. Think of it as a really G-rated Hollywood tell all. Linkletter died in 2010 at the age of 97.

It was probably a slam dunk purchase for 1974, but I doubt it would hold up in today’s public library. Nice for the nostalgia, but questionable for today’s collections.


women are my favorite people back cover

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  1. Dated, perhaps… but in a world with “ladies men” like Trump and Harvey Weinstein in the news, worth a look with fresh eyes.

  2. Put this in the library book sale! I’d get a kick out of reading it (yes, I’m that old), and I’m guessing that a lot of other people would, too. (I love the pie story.)

  3. Most people my age (40) and younger do not know who this even is. I feel I am the exception. I do know who it is, but have no particular interest in him or reading about him. “My” celebrities were Scott Baio, Tony Danza, Michael J. Fox, Alan Thicke, etc.

    This might be appropriate for a senior living facility library? I can see it there. They might need a large print.

    1. Don’t be so dismissive! I grew up reading my parents’ books, and some of them were by or about celebrities of a generation or two earlier. I found them pretty interesting.

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