Are you ready for some football?

America's First Football GameAmerica’s First Football Game

Submitter: I don’t know what possessed anyone to buy this. There is not a single picture in the book that is well done. The jester playing football was my favorite. Oddly, this book has not left the shelf since the early 80s. This is why it is important to look at the FRONT of the books when weeding. The spine of this was innocuous.

Holly: I wonder how they know who’s on which team, since they are wearing a variety of colors and styles?  Hoods against collars?

football 1000 years ago


  1. Little known rules of football — there must be a castle in the background and everyone must wear pastel sweat shirts (even 1000 years ago).

  2. Might be interesting to see how the ball changed shape and hands got involved in a game of FOOTball !

    It’s always curious to see how things migrate over the pond and get “translated”.

    Does the book mention anything of (American) football vs (association) football (aka soccer) or rugby football ?

    I imagine the Chinese played a ball kicking game of another kind 3000 years before the FA; NFL; …

    1. Do you know anything about the history of the game? If you did, you would know how the game started and evolved. Then you thinly-veiled insults wouldn’t really matter.

      Also, in regards to ‘football’, just about the only countries to call it that are of British background. Most of the world calls it soccer or kickball.

      5 or 6 countries trying to lay claim to the title of a sport in order to put down other countries is kind of pathetic.


        I’m sure the French, Germans, Spanish, Danes, Czehs, Hungarians, Latvians, Dutch, Norwegians, Portuguese, Romanians, Swedes, Turkish, etc. will be *delighted* to hear they are now “of British background”.

      2. Um, what? FIFA has 208 members, more than the UN. And they almost all call it “football”, not “soccer” (nobody calls it “kickball”). The only countries that call it “soccer” are those in which other football codes predominate — the US, Canada, Australia sometimes, and yes, large parts of the UK where rugby is more popular (“soccer” is an English word originally, short for “Association football”).

        What’s funny is when the US “trys to lay claim to the title of a sport”.

        I didn’t detect any insults in Tim’s post, though I did detect a few in yours!

  3. After ye olde footballe game, the liegemen of the ville head to ye olde malthouse to sample the local brew.

  4. I thought the sides were obvious. There’s yellow and blue. After all the Joker, being wild, doesn’t belong to either side.

  5. It looks like a game of Plebs vs. Superheroes. About half of the players (including the groin puncher) look like they’re super heroes with some special force field around them. That’s not a fair game if you ask me.