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Are You Ready for Some Football?

Pro Football’s Greatest Moments
1976, 1981

Oh really?  The greatest moments? Sure, the games and plays listed here are probably still great moments in pro football.  Listverse did a Top 10 Most Memorable NFL Moments list in 2009 that included some old moments too.  But this book doesn’t include a LOT of what are probably the greatest moments that happened after 1981.  It’s still a fun, interesting book, but could easily be replaced with an updated title.


P.S.  Those of us in Detroit are all rooting for the Lions to have a great season this year and then everyone will want a new book that would include this year’s team.

6 Responses to Are You Ready for Some Football?

  • Is this the total list of contents? I ask because it ends in 1962!

  • Ah, man. I have this, and it still circulates. Still, I have to have standards, and if one of my books shows up on your site, I have to think long and hard about keeping it.

  • No “weak sisters” in this book, I’m sure (: (;

  • “Abner’s boner”? Hunh.

  • Apparently, there were no great moments in football between 1965 and 1981!

  • Oh my! I’m pretty sure our school library has this book!! hahaha. The reason I haven’t gotten rid of it is because we have NO money to get any new non fiction books (why are they so $$?). I need to check if it ever gets checked out!