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Appendicitis or Death?

Let’s Talk About When You Need to Have Your Appendix Out

Submitter: While the content of this book is acceptable, could they have chosen a more discomforting cover for a children’s book? An alternative title might be something along the lines of: “Let’s Talk About Your Anguish and Unbearable Pain When You Have to Have Your Appendix Out.”

Holly: Yes, this book should really comfort a child who’s headed for an appendectomy! There are some great books in this series that I might just have to get my hands on for future posts.   Youth Librarians, please comment!

0 Responses to Appendicitis or Death?

  • That little boy doesn’t look like someone with appendicitis, he looks like someone just stabbed him in the eyeball. This cover is so horribly inappropriate, it made me laugh out loud.

  • I see that exact face and pose almost every day in the K-3 schools in our district. Usually Kindergarteners because they forgot to bring their book back!

  • That cover photo was also used for ‘Let’s Watch Mommy and Daddy Make the Beast with Two Backs.’

  • are you sure it’s his appendix and not gas pains from the doughnut he’s eating?

  • It’s odd–he’s supposedly in pain and discomfort, but he’s managing to consume food, something that most people suffering from appendicitis would be unable to do. What a little trooper!

  • I think this could be the same cover for, “Mommy and Daddy Love You, But We’re Going to Live in Separate Houses.”

  • We have most of that series….some of the covers aren’t so bad. They just sit on the shelf, waiting for that inevitable patron “I want a book about getting your appendix out for four-year-old boys with hair cuts like my son’s”. I’ve got another “character” series with titles like Respect, Friendship, Caring, that has even worse covers!

  • i LIKE this, because of it’s-no doubt unintentional-honesty. most books of this kind would show a smiling kid. like he’s overjoyed at the prospect of major surgery.

    not here. plus, the hand position, the grimace, denote an almost ‘adult’ feeling of despair and worry. you just don’t see little kids covering their eyes like that. so it’s affecting.

  • there’s a crazy one about Tooth decay. I’m never sure if I should put it on display or not (sarcastically)

  • He looks like he’s got a major migraine, too!

  • Dr. Monkey,

    You made me laugh out loud, and I really needed that today!

  • Aren’t most or all appendectomies done in an emergency? Did the publisher think that a parent would swing by the bookstore or library on the way to the hospital and have their child read it while they’re in pain?

    Maybe they should have addressed this in the past tense. So, you’ve had you appendix out. Now that the emergency is over, let’s talk about what just happened.

    • In addition to Jennu’s very valid point, I also wonder whether appendectomies are common procedures in children. Most of the people I know who’ve needed them have been adults. Tonsillectomies, sure, they might warrant a children’s book but what’s next in this series? Let’s talk about when you need to check your prostate?

      • My daughter had an emergency appendectomy at the age of 4 and spent 5 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Since information gathering is one of my major coping mechanisms (hence the decision to pursue librarianship as a profession), I now know a lot about appendicitis.

        From what I recall, appendicitis occurs most often in teenagers and young adults, but appendicitis rates have jumped dramatically among young children and the elderly in the past decade. This increase has been seen across most of the industrialized world and no one has any idea why it’s happened. So appendectomies are now much more common in children than they used to be.

        In line with what Jennu noted, when my daughter had the appendectomy, we had no advance warning. We took her to the doctor and the next thing we knew they were paging the surgeon. There really wasn’t any time to go looking for books on the topic.

    • Exactly what I was thinking! “Sorry that you’re in so much pain, Tommy, but let’s stop at the library and pick up a book that explains it all!”

      • I was thinking that too! my son had his appendix out a couple of months ago and there was no time to get a book out of the library.

        In any case, I think sometimes it’s better for children not to know too much about what’s going to happen. “They’re going to get rid of the bad pain” was enough for my son, and he’s much older than the little boy on the cover.

    • Kids like to read about stuff they’ve already experienced though. My son fell and broke his foot and during recovery every story with anyone falling is related to a broken foot. Share the pain!

  • First of all, that’s such an adult hand gesture on such a small person.

    Second, to me the kids looks like he wasn’t allowed another Uncrustable sandwich.

  • ok we’ll use anesthesia if you’re going to be such a baby about it…

  • “Let’s talk about Mommy and Daddy’s messy divorce!”

  • I had an appendectomy at age 8, so it’s definitely not unheard of. However, it was an emergency and no one thought to bring me this fabulous read while I was in the ER, thank god, cause I think it would traumatize me more.

  • Love the cover LOL.
    Must say, though, the ‘not wanting to eat food’ fallacy for those suffering from appendicitis is…a fallacy. I speak from personal experience. Drove myself to ER about 5am with what I figured was appendicitis; after inconclusive testing (11am) they ask me if I’m hungry and I’m like ‘sure, I suppose, I haven’t eaten.’ Half-hour later I’m rushed to the Operating Room just before it burst.

  • The kid is actually laughing, enjoying his donut. Under 5s have not, of course, fully developed their body language yet; nor do adults necessarily ‘read’ their awkward expressions correctly. But it’s true, it’s a terrible cover pic for such a book, presumably inserted by a Jehovah’s Witness working undercover at the publishers’…

    Dr Monkey, you win the Jarring Juxtaposition Joke Prize of the Month (The “Jay Jay”), congratulations!

  • I just had my appendix removed in September. Man I wish I had had this book with me. Would have been some nice light reading while waiting for the CT results.

  • You’re ruining my tostada here mom