AP/CLEP Advanced Placement and College Level Examinations in American History
1977; Second Printing 1980

Submitter: I’m sure this preparation book for the A.P. and C.L.E.P. exams was extremely useful…in 1980. The patrons at our public library won’t even notice its absence from the shelf!

Holly: There are probably American history topics not covered here that could be on the test: the Gulf War, 9/11 terrorist attacks, Iraq War, etc. Also, evolving terms used to describe cultures and even events might make this book downright offensive.

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  1. They introduced CLEP the year after I started college. I was disappointed that I couldn’t take it to see what I could test out of.

  2. I want to see the section “swine flu: America’s greatest looming threat”

  3. Test taking guides like this must also be evaluated against the test format. Most (all?) of these placement tests regularly change layout, length, organization, etc.

  4. Not only has the content of each AP exam evolved over time, but in this case the essays have also changed–the style of the questions, the expectations, and the types of docs given for the DBQ. This book is useless.

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