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Any Woman Can!

Any Woman Can!

Okay Baby Boomers! I am sure everyone remembers Reuben’s book Everything you always wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask.  Anyone remember this follow up?  I am not really sure it qualifies as a truly “awful” library book, but this particular edition was torn and looked like it had seen better days.  However for a mass market paperback, it actually held up pretty well!  Not sure of the “weeder” status of this one, but I sure chuckled remembering Rueben’s controversial books.  I think he was the first one to take sexual health mainstream.


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  • I didn’t think any woman could, but apparently this cover says otherwise.

  • I’ve read that book. It’s about how women can change ourselves to find husbands. It’s so sexist, what a throwback! Trust me, awful is definitely the right word for it.

    • I don’t know if that’s such a bad thing. Judging by the majority of women I see checking out and buying dating books I think change for them is a good thing. Starting with their clothing, their personal hygiene, their “All men should be locked in cages but I want to date them anyway” attitudes, their lack of antipersperiant….

      If you’re not getting it I’m saying that these women are mean and reak of BO and yet still expect dates.

  • Anything by Reuben qualifies as a an awful library book, unless you’re doing “how far we’ve come” research.

  • Unfortunately, in Everything You Always Wanted to Know… he was very, very, very, egregiously bad on gay issues. Painted a very negative picture that didn’t even allow for the possibility of same-sex relationships.

  • just plain bad…but yes groundbreaking for its time. Ick!

  • I find the phrase “Any Woman Can*”, complete with asterisk, to be a perfect summation of women in society. “Any Woman Can (Disclaimers Apply).”

  • Weed! I remember the advice given in this book. The good doctor was breast-obsessed and assumed any red-blooded man was likewise. So he wrote that women should feed a man milkshakes to get him interested — and that any many who prefers small breasts is secretly gay.

  • My mom had a copy of Everything You Always Wanted to Know… stashed in the back of the bookcase when I was a kid. Now that I’m older, I’m pretty sure she wanted me to find it. I never got The Talk, just these hidden gems.

  • Ban it! Baby-boomer women should NOT be having sex! YUCH!!

  • Giving this glib popular self-help writer credit for being the first to take sexual health mainstream is a little far. Kinsey, you know?

    (So often, reactionary positions pose as if they’re revolutionary groundbreaking thought. To wit: every Cosmopolitan cover ever.)