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Another Teen Diet Book

The You Can Do It Kid’s Diet

Although this book says it is aimed at kids, it really is for the parents. What kid is going to read this thick book on eating right? Again, with all diet books from this era, there is an emphasis on will power and a bit of fat shaming to “help” an overweight teen. I am particularly concerned that a book is making kids worry about 5-10 pounds of weight, especially during adolescence.

I think we can let this one go.


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6 Responses to Another Teen Diet Book

  • “There is no ambiguity in the research literature on this topic: Dieting and intentional weight-loss efforts are harmful for young people’s health.

    When children and adolescents diet to lose weight they experience higher rates of depression, negative body image, disordered eating, and end up weighing more as adults than they would have weighed had they never dieted at all”


    Weed it.

    • Yes, this. I feel like I might have outgrown childhood chubbiness if I hadn’t been put on diets as a seven-year-old (doctor’s orders that involved measuring dry tuna so that I might “maintain” until I caught up). There were things I liked to do, and maybe a few more opportunities to dance like crazy would have been a better way to develop good habits.

      • The science says that weight loss is not possible for the vast majority of people slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2015/03/diets_do_not_work_the_thin_evidence_that_losing_weight_makes_you_healthier.html

        Besides that, it’s OKAY TO BE FAT. No matter if you’re healthy or not. It’s okay to be unhealthy.

  • I question how much power overweight children would have over what they eat anyway, since it’s largely decided for them. It’s really up to the parents to change their cooking and food purchases in order to help their children. Putting them on a diet, and shaming them, would be very counter-productive. Much better to go on a general family health kick.

  • Anything that doesn’t cover other reasons a person, especially a female, might be fat like anemia (slows metabolism), insomnia (also slows metabolism), allergies, medications, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), and thyroid problems should be weeded instantly even if it’s modern. Diet books that don’t cover medical reasons for being fat and focus solely on the idea it’s all about food and activity level are horrifically damaging to one’s self esteem and do more harm than good.

  • any normal kid is ashamed to take showers after gym class!