Another crappy guy saved by a nice girl

A Tyrant coverThere Came a Tyrant

Here is another standard from the world of romance: tyrannical boss/friend/lover transformed by the love of a good woman. This time our story is set in the RAF and you can just feel the sexism. ¬†Add in parents pressuring marriage and we have a super fun romantic story. Simoni just needs to ride out this nightmare so everyone can move on. ¬†Naturally, “love” conquers all and Creepy boss Kent and Simoni finally end up together.



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  1. In the ’70s we had a standing order for new Harlequins. We had a cadre of patrons who checked them out by the handful — I remember Cindy M. who worked until noon on Saturday, checked out that handful, and had them in the book drop Monday morning. And Mrs. B., who was about 80 (her card number was 1251–we had manual checkout in those days). And Rhonda F. and Ursula B., two black teens. Harlequin readers all……One of the saddest experiences was a woman who came in to return her books. She paid for one damaged book — spine cracked, open to a page with a clear imprint of a stove burner. Her husband told her she read too much and threw the book on the stove top.

    1. I have a lot of patrons who check out tons of romance novels of all types too. Ranging from the teenage girls who live in a nearby group home to 90 year old men who just want something to read no matter what it is. And a lot of them complained we never get in new ones. We have a librarian who hates fiction and refused to add more romances. So I conspired with someone from headquarters who was in purchasing and had her send about 100 new ones. Soon as he went on vacation we all worked together to add them to the shelves. He realized he couldn’t win and now adds new fiction. Including romances.

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