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Angel Threads coverAngel Threads

Submitter: Page after page of hand drawn patterns. In our age of Pinterest, this book is a joke. I am especially horrified by the “Dishcloth Suit” illustrations. No idea why one of our staff looked at this and thought it should go back on the shelf. I’m sure there’s a place for books like this but our popular sewing section is not that place.

Holly: It’s cute, and that’s fine if you’ve got the space in your library. If you’re making hard choices for space concerns, cute doesn’t cut it. I don’t know the first thing about sewing; is this practical or is it supposed to be more inspirational?


angel piggy vest

jumpsuits, pants, overalls, shirts

dishcloth suit



  1. This is a little bit on the precious side, and unnecessarily arty, but the basic premise is still sound – with some basic sewing skills you can make up infant and toddler’s clothes at home. When they’re that small fit isn’t a big issue, just make things loose. Craftsmanship isn’t the biggest priority because they’re going to spit up in it and / or outgrow it before it wears out. These aren’t the best patterns to duplicate but they might inspire someone who has ability and a little imagination. If there’s room, keep it.

  2. I can think of many sewing fanatics who would take it for their personal collections, but yeah, not so good for a public library. That dress on the cover is classic heirloom style.

  3. Well, it’s definitely 1980’s Kountry Kute…I remember dusty rose and country blue kitchens, with wallpaper borders that had geese with ribbons around their necks….and some people still like that. If you have room and stats support it, I’ll bet somebody will think it’s precious. And baby can spit up all she or he wants!

  4. The key problem here: Making clothing is no longer less expensive than buying. Fabric is expensive; unless you’ve got an incredibly cheap source of it, you’re going to be saving only a few bucks off of most garments’ full prices, and you won’t be able to match clearance or consignment store prices. Making clothes is a great hobby, but it’s not a way to save money.

    1. Right. And too bad, too.

      I have gotten entire bolts at very good prices on eBay, but that means all the clothes would be alike. Curtains OK, wardrobe not OK unless you want it to look like an orphanage.

  5. I find this kind of style a bit dehumanizing. As if the child is a mannequin to be decorated.

    1900’s version of Little Lord Fauntleroy.

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