An Avocado Love Fest

avocadosDon’t Swallow the Avocado Pit
– and what to do with the rest

I love this book so HARD! First, I totally love avocado on everything, as well as a good guacamole. This book takes love to a whole new level. Here are some sample chapter titles:

  • Sex and the single avocado (avocado reproduction and growing tips)
  • Avocado People (profiles of avocado fans doing stuff with avocados)
  • The Passionate Avocado (recipes for romantic cocktails)

This little book covers so much avocado love it’s ridiculous. Cosmetic recipes, growing plants from the pits, and dozens of avocado recipes, including – wait for it – another savory avocado mold (aka avocado jello).

Run, don’t walk, to your local grocery store and pick up some avocados today!


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  1. As an extinct giant ground sloth, I would disagree vehemently with the title, were I not dead and illiterate.

    1. Condition for one thing. In a personal library this isn’t bad but in a public one no one will want it based solely on the yellowed pages. Also, technology, including in food, has changed a lot since 1974.

  2. I don’t know if this book covers this, but you can actually make a natural dye using the skins of avocados. It makes a pretty dusty pink color!

    1. I know, right? And not even a shot of gin or vodka or brandy to give it some sort of cover as a medium to get one drunk.

  3. I read this book back in the day, and we laughed at it then! I think it passed through our house in the neighborhood book swap.

    That avocado clamato drink — yikes. Do you make that for someone you hope leaves the party soon?

    And is the guacamole recipe in Spanish for more authenticity? Que?

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