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American Assassins

Submitter: American Assassins has some great information and interesting historical graphics. My biggest beef with this book is the cover. The graphic of the gun pointed at the reader is on both the front and back cover, and on the hardcover itself. There is no escaping that 1970’s graphic that looks like it is a poster meant to recruit and glorify assassins. Also, it is rather unfortunate that the author’s name is Jo Anne Ray. Probably not a relation of James Earl Ray, but ya gotta wonder. “Although the Warren Report states that not all of the reasons for Oswald’s historic crime will ever be known, it claims that many of the reasons are apparent” [p.90-91, third image below]. Typo alert! Should it stay or should it go?

Holly: Go. (But do get something new on this subject!)


Pages 20 and 21

Page 90

JFK sniper

Giuseppe Zangara


  1. With today’s “zero tolerance” policies, I wonder if a kid could get suspended for pointing this book at someone.

  2. 1974? Never mind the cover, toss it for the fact that it won’t include a single mention of John Hinckley, Jr., Ronald Reagan, or Jodie Foster!

  3. I’d definitely recommend something newer, but as a subject it’s a great one to have material about. Heck, Sondheim did a musical about these folks!

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