Am I normal?

Am I normal?

Am I Normal?

As much as I appreciate the goal of this book, I am going to say it has not aged well. Jimmy has been experiencing some very disturbing symptoms and body changes and is looking to figure out if he is “normal”. Naturally, he heads to the library so he can check out some books and figure out what the heck is going on with his raging hormones and changing body.

The book is dated but wouldn’t have been a bad choice in the early 1980s. I just can’t get by the look on this kid’s face on the cover. I am not sure anyone one would check out a book with that title and the expression on that kid’s face.




back cover

my name is Jimmy

Jimmy's friends

in the locker

at the library



    1. It’s covering up the library’s barcode, which also includes their name. Better question: Why did that library put the barcode right over the author’s name?

  1. Here is the movie’s imdb page – – which has a few reviews from people who remember it from health class. I remember watching awful sex ed films, but I don’t know how people remember enough details to find them decades later. The only one I can remember now is The Simpsons Fluffy Bunny one.

  2. I’ll be 45 next year and I’m still wondering if anything unusual about my body is “normal”. I heard life was supposed to begin at 40, but the way people go on it’s more like life *ends* at 40. Or at least everything about life that made it worth living. 🙁

  3. They made a novelization of “Am I normal?” Wow. I remember seeing that movie in sixth grade.

    I mostly remember poor Jimmy asking everyone if they had any information about “the male penis”. Which I guess is less funny now that we’re more enlightened about trans rights.

  4. Have you noticed that educational films are always “award-winning?” Which raises the questions: Who gives out these awards? What are they, and what are the criteria for winning? Was this one created just to give an award to this film? (I have a suspicious mind.)

  5. I did not know that they had made a book about this movie !! I was still in Elementary School in 1980 , and that was the year that we had ” The Talk . ” I cannot recall if we were shown this film or not . I do know that a YouTuber named ” The Cinema Snob ” did a show making fun of this film !! ( The Snob’s show is adult however !! ) I don’t think that it is on YouTube at present . It could be found on his site .

  6. I am laughing at the previous commenter not believing that people would remember the “growing up” film they saw in elementary school. Not only do I remember that that menstruation movie we saw at the end of 5th grade was called Julie’s Story, for some reason I remember that the copyright date was 1983 (8 years out of date, people). Now if only my penchant for remember details like that would ever come in handy in real life.

    The kid on the cover of this book reminds me of Screech from Saved By the Bell. Now I’m off to find the movie version (or the Cinema Snob critique – even better).

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