Alzheimer’s disease

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alzheimers disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

Medical information this old is a slam dunk for weeding, especially if we are talking about material published over 20 years ago!  Teen and youth nonfiction titles, in my opinion, actually need more vigilant weeding. Even “slightly” out of date can make libraries look useless in the eyes of young people.  Remember your audience and clean up the teen and youth nonfiction.  They deserve the best we can offer!

Stepping off my soapbox now!


PS in the meantime take a look at these “helpful” pictures featured in this book!  These are some of the best shots.  This particular book was low on content and low on meaningful pictures/illustrations/charts.  Evidently the best treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease is a visit from the clergy and a computer lesson.

clergy visiting a patient

learning the computer



  1. Forget the cover, the photo with the woman in bed is just mind boggling. Both of my in laws suffer from Alzheimer’s and neither of them are ebd ridden. My father n law is extremely active and my mother n law is not far behind.

    And that computer! I was digging in our basement yesterday and I think my husband once taht same exact model. Came across a box with the same type of computer.

  2. I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I can’t get past the priest’s incredibly hairy arms! It’s like he’s wearing an ape suit under his clothes.

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