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All Tied Up

The Art of Macrame: Modern Design in Knotting

Modern?  I beg to differ.  Check out these numbers! I wish they’d quit putting other peoples’ faces on my body!  She does have the longest neck EVER…kind of looks like a photo edit job.

Fringe lovers unite!  This is the book for you!



0 Responses to All Tied Up

  • Yeah bikini chick does look like she has someone else’s head on her body. Maybe they thought she wasn’t pretty enough. That’s a lot of fringe.

  • groooooovy!

  • Nothing says the ’70’s like macrame. A macrame swimsuit; that sounds practical.

  • Macrame is alive and well in our time. Take a spin though etsy.com and you’ll find pages upon pages. Many made from hemp. Still a weed (hehe weed – hemp) because it is so dated. Unless you have unbearable hipsters in town who do this sort of thing ironically.

  • The fringes on the purse insist on its impressive weight . You know, it’s one of those purses you drag along behind you. Artistically it enhances the linear, horizontal movement which elegantly contrasts with the vertical plight of the hair.

  • Still beats the modern day knitting books we’ve got with skulls and other sorts of moronic “hip” patterns.

  • Is it lame that I kinda want one of those macrame necklaces?

  • I have to admit, given the *overwhelming* quantity of modern macrame books (at least in my library), I’d rather have an out-dated one that I can at least get patterns to modify than have no books.

  • I knew someone who had one of those shawls. Keeping it untangled was a full time job!

  • Ah, how I miss macrame–almost as much as I miss crafts created from the pop-tops of soda cans.

  • Macrame is back! Weirdly enough, I know people who would enjoy this book…I don’t know if they’d go so far as to rock the macrame bikini, but they’d attempt to make one!

  • I’ve always been accused of being an 80-yr old lady trapped in a man’s body because I like doilies. I can use these photos to refute that assertion. Thanks! 🙂

    • I like them too. I have about 100 of them that were made by my great-grandmother. What kind of person wouldn’t want a doilie made by a great-grandmother?

  • a macrame bikini-triangle top, string bikini-is w/out question THE sexiest item of female apparel ever devised.

  • Well, my 11 yo daughter and friends like to try their hand at macrame bracelets. I think this book would scare them though.

  • My MIL likes to tell the story of how she and a friend made macrame bikinis back in the 1970s. All was going well until they decided to actually get into the water, when the string they had used soaked in water, got heavy, and stretched out.

  • Send this one to Cher!

  • The crocheted pancho was “in” for a year sometime in the early 2000s amongst people that was then around 16. :-O

  • My mom still has a 2′ macrame spider she wove (?) back in the 70s displayed in full glory on a tree branch in her living room. I’d much prefer it was a picture of her in the bikini…

  • Why is the one in brown and white doing the Igor stomp and drag?