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Submitter: This is a new book and the content is fine. I just found the cover a little odd. What is the boy with the magnifying glass looking for? Taliban?

Holly: I wouldn’t necessarily call 2002 “new,” and I’m actually surprised that submitter says the content is fine.  Afghanistan has changed drastically since 2002!  Is there a newer edition than 2002 that WorldCat isn’t coming up with?  I have not seen the book, so I’ll leave you all to go comb through your country books to see if you have it.  (What is the boy with the magnifier looking for??)


  1. I’m more intrigued by the part of it that sticks out.

    It’s possible (I’ve not read the book) that it’s not very detailed about the politics but more of a historical/cultural thing.

  2. Like most intelligence agencies in 2002, he was looking for Osama …. in the wrong place of course.

  3. I would be worried that this was a rush to publish book. The date would make me think they were rushing out a book to satisfy a topical need. I would guess that some fact would be wrong.

  4. We work on the general rule that any book about a country is out of date (and thus should be weeded) after a maximum of 5 years. This one should be long gone!

  5. The little girl has no arms because the Taliban cut them off when she was caught knitting.

    Taliban had a Minister for Education who was proud to be illiterate. ‘Taliban’ means ‘Students’.

    There is no word for ‘irony’ anywhere east of Beirut.

    I’m glad the little boy found Osama when he started looking in the next door country.

  6. Country books make for fun weeding. In 1992 I weeded Let’s Visit Vietnam, complete with a US Army UH-1 helicopter on the cover, from an elementary school collection.

  7. a 2002 pub date could indicate that it was written possibly as early as 2000, edited and printed in 2001, and as is typical for movies, magazines, books and other media, dated in advance as far as possible; hence a book shipped to stores in October of 2001 would have a 2002 pub date.

    a friend of mine went to afghanistan in 1972, went to the kyber pass, the gun markets in gilgit, had many adventurous stories. i enjoy hearing americans pontificate about what’s right for afghanis (living in bolivia as i do); people can not seem to comprehend a world where there isn’t a 7-11 handy for a late night beer run.

    saw what you will about our continuing presence there, the taliban will not be missed, and must be exterminated from the face of mother nature’s good green earth.

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