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Aerospace Nurse

If you are long time readers of this site, you know that I dig my nurse romance books. I think I read every single one published from the early 1960s-1970’s.  If it weren’t for disgusting bodily fluids, maybe I would be a nurse today. Oh wait a minute, I’m a librarian, so of course I have to deal with disgusting bodily fluids…

This time we have a totally cool job in nursing with the Navy. She is in charge of keeping all sorts of astronauts healthy. It also doesn’t hurt that they are also super good looking. Of course her dreams come true and she finds herself attracted to Chris Marshall who just happens to be a flight surgeon. Should she think about marriage and give up her goals? I think we all know the answer.



Aerospace Nurse - The First Milestone

Aerospace Nurse - Pages 14 and 15



  1. “A gay throng rushed though the corridors.” has an entirely different meaning today. They can’t wait to see themselves in the mirrors… ” The cap certainly did make a difference in her looks, she decided.” Well, yeah, it kept your thoughts from leaking out…. Sorry, this one makes me a bit cynical this morning….

    1. You know… a meet-up between Cherry Ames and a bunch of these other young ladies (each with their fair, dark, brooding, care-free, rich, poor, or otherwise impossibly possible man in tow) would be really funny!

  2. Hmm, the escaped rabbit from Cherry Ames, Senior Nurse could be kidnapped by Terry Haines and sold for some ready money to Goddard for testing in a Gemini capsule and meet Laika… in SPACE!!1!

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