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Perspectives: Relevant Scenes for Teens

This is the kind of book that every teen non-fiction collection needs.  In 1997, this was a fine addition.  The categories are appropriate, and the plays are short enough to work as class exercises or even library programs.  The plays themselves, though, are a little dated.  In the example below, the boy says his date was “a blower.”  Then the girl character says she’s heard enough, and the boy tells her not to be “lewd.”  When was the last time a teenager told another teenager not to be lewd?  Not only would they not use the word “lewd,” they generally enjoy being lewd!  I found the vocabulary a little strange in a few of these plays.

If it’s the best you can do and you have space for it, it’s not too awful, but if you can update it…please do.


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6 Responses to Aaaand…Action!

  • Nice pastel artwork cover. Unfortunately these go out of date too fast for many budgets.

  • This is a very good tart apple. Fascinating.

  • I’m picturing Jerry & Elaine having this conversation on Seinfeld. Anybody else???

  • Cassie J; that’s just what I was thinking of. It’s like Seinfeld only not funny.

  • Wow! I was a teen when this came out, and this looks very anachronistic to me style-wise. I had to doublecheck the date of publication — this was NOT the kind of stuff we were wearing or doing with our hair in 1997. Looks more like 1991 to me, at least for the boy and the girl in yellow.

  • CassieJ and AA: When I was reading it, I was thinking, “There’s something vaguely familiar about this style of conversation.” I believe you are correct – now I immediately hear it in their voices.