A Real Sausage Fest!

All About Sausage coverAll About Sausage
Consumer Services at Oscar Mayer & Co.

I truly am mesmerized by the array of beautiful meats presented here. I have scanned the best ones. If you are planning a Christmas holiday party, I really recommend the “meat tree.” I think the green olives give it a real holiday feel. Of course you should not be surprised that this wonderful cookbook was brought to you by Oscar Mayer.

Weenies for everyone!


arrange meats with flair

Various sausages





  1. I really like this book 🙂 Part of it might be I am so sick of seeing low fat, tasteless cookbooks. Another part might be because I really like eating those tasty animals

  2. Wait – how is this book “awful”? The pictures are more retro-kitsch than dated, the meat actually looks tasty!

  3. Did anyone else notice that the party sandwich loaf calls for “aerosol cheese spread”?
    Aerosol cheese spread.

  4. “Anyone whose bread falls in the pot must kiss the person sitting beside him.”
    So *that’s* why fondue parties were so popular in the ’70s.

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