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Treat Your Own Neck coverTreat Your Own Neck

Forget the doctor! No need to do fancy physical therapy. Here is a DIY book for your neck pain. I think it is worth noting that your pain can vanish with a helpful additional purchase of the cervical roll.

Regardless of the quality of information, let this one go. 1983 is too old to be trusted.  Props for showing a computer in an office setting in a book from 1983. Those weren’t standard issue (at least in my neck of the woods) until the mid to late 1980s.


Treat Your Own Neck back cover

Head retraction in sitting



  1. I think this one’s actually quite current – the late author seems well-regarded among PT people. I first heard of him through his industrial safety videos.

  2. afeman is correct. The late Robin McKenzie is very highly regarded in physiotherapy and founded the McKenzie Method of treating necks and backs in the 1960s. This may be an older version of this book, however the newer version of this and “Treat your own back” are current hot sellers in the physiotherapy/physical therapy realm — at least among those who practice the McKenzie method of treatment. Physiotherapists must take courses and pass a rigorous examination to become “McKenzie certified”. 🙂 I hope this helps!

  3. another vote for ‘not from 1983’–the computer guy is sitting at an original Macintosh, which wasn’t released until 1984.

  4. I’ve actually been looking for help with sleeping positions. I asked my dentist because I was concerned about my jaw, and she was of no help.

    1. Sometimes chiropractors can help with that. I’ve known a few people who’ve gotten help with jaw issues from adjustments or advice/exercises by going to a good chiropractor. Just an idea if that’s something you want to/are able to do.

    2. A massage therapist who does pressure point massage can help a lot too, even better if paired with a chiropractor.

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