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Read all about the latest in office equipment.  I was shocked, yes shocked, to learn that there have been advances in cellular technology, computers and other communication devices.  Take a look at these cool new-fangled items!

This woman has her new dict-a-phone ready.  I am sure she is dictating a memo on high powered business attire.

Or how about these fancy laptop computers:

It gets better!  Make a phone call on the road with this cutting edge mobile phone.

Out of the office?  Not a problem!  Use an answering machine.  Note the one the lady is holding is the new and improved.  Below is that old fashioned bulky model.

Sadly, I remember all of these machines and how cool I thought they were at the time. These kids today just don’t get how far we have come.  Now get off my lawn!


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  • Does it mention the paperless office? Because my coworkers and I were laughing our heads off at that concept just the other day.

  • I’m pretty sure we had that answering machine until I was 15. My dad was mad that all its replacements never last more than 3 years or so, just don’t make ’em like they used to.

  • I think that the technology featured in this 1987 book is still fairly impressive, even today.

  • That is one sweet laptop computer! TANDY, eh? I have to wonder how much memory it had. Several mb, I’m guessing.

  • The only people I know that have answering machines are on TV because it makes a good plot device (involving stealing the tape and erasing the message) Everyone else I know has call answer in their phone line.

  • Sorry, Lizapest, my husband and I still use an answering machine.

    The very existence of this blog should be proof enough that not everything in the world automatically upgrades to the latest model … 😉

  • @Lizapest – I have an answering machine. It’s digital, not tape, but I wish to God it was tape. Every time the power goes out or it accidentally gets unplugged I have to reset the entire thing! And no, there’s no place to put batteries in for backup. It’s proof that not all “improvements” are good things.

    But – I also abhor telephones. If they weren’t so handy for calling 911 I wouldn’t own one at all. So I have to have an answering machine so I don’t actually have to talk to anyone unless it’s something important. Even then I’d rather conduct all communications through e-mail!

  • We still use dictaphones at my office. I think we use the same model that is shown in that photo!

  • I used a dictaphone portable for years when I worked as a claims adjuster, mostly for statement taking in and out of the office. I got put out of that job in 1992. They were sure an improvement over the “portable” ones with the plastic recording belts I had when starting in the business in 67. Of course , hand statements were often taken also.

  • I actually had one of those “laptops”. In the Fall of 1988 I went off to college with one and used it for 3 years until I had a roommate who moved in who insisted that I use hers. At the time I just called it a typewriter. It saved items on a disk. When I was ready to print, I would pull the document up, feed in the paper, and push a few more buttons. Then the daisy wheel would become manic. Each page had to be fed in individually so there was no situation in which I could, say, take a shower and come out to find my 10 page paper all printed out. I would come out to 1 printed page. And it took a good 2 minutes to print a page. And talk about LOUD!

  • The fact that I recognize the newer of the two answering machines, despite it likely being a year or two older than I am, is sort of interesting.

    In retrospect I wonder why I didn’t ever think twice about seeing progressively newer phones hooked up to an answering machine with faux-wood paneling and a very temperamental (if not outright insubordinate) tape recorder.

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