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Hoarding is not collection development

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Making a Collection Count

The Ugly Side of Pretty

Put Down and Ripped Off: The American Woman and the Beauty Cult

Submitter: Here is a an interesting book on the plight of women in 1977. When it comes to weight loss, “For those who want an easy rule of thumb, here’s one to begin with. The more Spartan the Décor, the less likely it is that the owners/managers will rip you off.” Good to know!  My library system has three copies of this 39 year old book.

Holly: That Spartan decor comment has to do with health spas and weight loss clinics. The fancier the spa, the more they are ripping you off. Gotta pay for those water falls and lemongrass-infused steam saunas somehow! The book’s thesis is current as ever. It’s delivery is…not.



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Rhyming Manners

You Know Better Than That


Another etiquette book for kids! This one is in rhyming form and is illustrated with creepy little children doing weird stuff. We have several scenarios: flooding, stealing, sharing, running in the house and my personal favorite: taking care of the phone so you don’t rack up long distance charges.

Now everyone behave!


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Pleasure in the Craft Section

Applehead Dolls for Pleasure and Profit

I am not sure which is creepier: the author’s expression or this particular craft. Actually, I didn’t know one could make an applehead doll. Is this a thing? If it is, it needs to stop right now. Can you imagine trying to sleep with these creepy apple people staring at you? And please, let’s be honest, the whole “pleasure and profit” in the title also adds a nice touch of innuendo.

I am adding applehead dolls to my list of creepy things right next to clowns and mimes. Let’s call it a hat trick of evil.



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