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Copy That

Cloning and the New Genetics

Submitter: How out of date can you get… this is before Dolly, let alone all the advancements.

Holly: At first I thought this was a children’s book. I’m not sure why, other than the colors and font just look kind of juvenile. Adults interested in cloning and genetics will be interested in up-to-the-minute advancements in topics like hereditary diseases, stem cells, and reproductive science. Not gonna find it here!

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Join the Paparazzi!

Journalist: Eyewitness to History

Submitter: Would you like to know what it was like to become a journalist in 1962? Well here’s the book for you! I was helping a library patron who has been out of work and was interesting in learning more about a career in blogging/ journalism. While browsing the shelf I found this gem. I guess this book would be interesting for a research library, but an active careers section in a public library? Nope.

Holly: I’m not even sure it’s that useful to a research library. An archive or special media-arts subject library, maybe… This is one field that has changed drastically since 1962, so it really needs to be updated.

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Henry and His Dowsing Rod

Henry Gross and His Dowsing Rod

Submitter: My local library has three copies of Henry Gross and His Dowsing Rod. We all chuckled at the title. Apparently some of us still have dirty minds. Three copies? That seems a bit much. The copy I requested was shipped over from a closed stack storage facility. So I am guessing the circulation numbers on them are rather low. I should think there is something newer on this topic. I do, however, love the groovy 1950’s cover.

Holly: Are there any current books about dowsing out there? Second question: Why is Henry Gross wearing a suit while dowsing at the top of Mount Washington (below)?

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