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Phonics Phun

The Fantastic Phonics Food Factory
Wilkes and Grogan

Submitter: The Fantastic Phonics Food Factory is neither savory nor sweet.  It is overly spicy and not fit for human consumption. Usually cucumbers get a bad rap but this book equally sexualizes all foods, fruits, vegetables and processed meats. It has been weeded from a high school library. Surprisingly, this book was not subjected to graffiti by our high school students, not so surprisingly, it was never checked out.

Holly: In the immortal words of George Takei, “Ohhh myyyy.”


More Inappropriate Children’s Books:

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Crazy Alphabet

D is for Dying

When Teddy is a Drunk

Dougal the Drunk Bear (What is it with drunk teddy bears?)

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Friday Fiction – Meanest Doll in the World

The Meanest Doll in the World
Martin and Godwin

Submitter: This book is probably not as bad as it appears, but the drawings creeped me out more than anything.   It is written by Ann Martin, who has written several popular titles that circulate well in our library.  Brian Selznick illustrated this jewel as well. The graphics are, in fact detailed and look quite awesome, but look at them! SCARY!  Any child 8-12 (BTW, that is the recommended age group for this book) who gets this book is going to have nightmares of Chucky and his Bride. When we went to a genrefied junior- senior high school library, we tossed around keeping it but it was fairly new.  We put it in our Weird Types of Fiction section… mainly because it is. It has never been checked out since it was added in 2003 as a new title. It’s hasta la bye bye for this treasure!

Holly: Woah! It is creepy! That probably makes it more appealing to 8-12 year olds, actually. I’m surprised it never got a checkout. Between the popular authors and illustrator and the creep factor, it was a reasonable choice for a middle school library. Those pictures are nightmare-inducing for sure, though!

More creepy kids books:

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Beyond Counting Sheep

Games for Insomniacs

Submitter: The inside flap says that Fuller amassed the “most popular, most challenging (most irritating?) games for his delightful new book.” Library staff who examined this book agreed with most irritating. The book had not left the shelves in at least eight years. It’s a mystery how this book managed to escape previous weeding attempts, but its days are numbered!

Mary: I guess the “joke” is that if you can’t sleep, these puzzles will frustrate (torture) you until you fall asleep. The other theory is that it will turn you into an insomniac since you just can’t fall asleep because these puzzles are interesting. I am going with option one.


More Games in the Library:

Game On!

It’s All Relative

Game Boy Strategies of Yesteryear

Pong: A Game That is Sweeping the Nation

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