Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

“Tie a yellow ribbon…”

Tony Orlando

Submitter: Nothing brings the youth to the library like Tony Orlando. My colleague and I are in our 30’s. Together, we had to google his name just to see if we knew any of his songs. This is sitting in the children’s section at a large city library. One who just finished a large public weeding project. Why this was skipped is anyone’s guess.

Holly: Hmmm…a big city library just finished a large weeding project and they left this one? This one?? Makes me wonder what the state of the collection was, if this one made the cut! Especially in a children’s section. I’m 40, and while I’ve heard of him, I couldn’t have named you one of his songs before I researched him for this post. He’s not even that interesting, really. A couple of kids, a couple of divorces, and became a Christian in 1978 after “life struggles.” My mom probably likes him.


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HTML for the 90s

HTML for the World Wide Web
2nd Ed

This was submitted by a small public library in Ohio. It was a part of their circulating non-fiction collection until just recently. They had newer books on the subject, but apparently they hadn’t weeded much (or at all…) until recently. Wonder what else they’ll unearth as they dig out?

One of the pages included below teaches readers how to copy video clips from a VCR to a PowerMac. Handy!

Another page tells us how to link to external video. It does not suggest YouTube, Vimeo, or any other popular video hosting service; it tells how how to let people download your actual video file to their computer from their browser. There are still specific  situations where that is done, but most of us just click through to YouTube to watch our cat videos. (Like that! That was much easier than anything this book suggests!)

There might be a few nuggets of good info in this book, and the basic tenets of HTML haven’t changed, but this particular library had newer books on the subject. Chalk  this one up to laziness! I promise you, if all you do is weed old editions of items you have newer editions of, you will have made a difference in your collection. That’s such an easy thing to do, and doesn’t even require an MLIS. Send in a volunteer or a Page with a list and put ‘em to work!


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The Legitimate Rape of Andrea

Did You Hear Whgat Happened to Andrea?

Andrea is a “good” girl and she is hitchiking with a boyfriend. They get picked up by a stranger. He drops off the boyfriend and then Andrea is raped.  Andrea files a police report. Andrea takes a morning after pill, has trouble with her parents. Mom is worried that Andrea will be considered an “easy lay” if she talks about this. Mom also doesn’t want to hear the word “rape”. The police finally catch the guy and the last chapter is Andrea testifying. Finally, it’s all over.  It’s a pretty good story and I would have snapped this up in a hot minute as a teen. Now, it just seems dated and everything is just too neat and tidy by the end.


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