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The Man Who Loved Clowns: Friday Fiction

The Man Who Loved Clowns

I automatically have issues with anything clown related. Naturally, many of my co-workers and friends feel obligated to send me any clown related books. This is one of those suggestions.

Delerita is an 8th grader and a loner. She would rather do wood carving and hang out with her uncle Punky, who has Down Syndrome. Then Delerita’s parents are killed in a car accident. Now Aunt Queenie has ideas about how they are going to take care of Punky. Delerita steps up and everyone learns a valuable lesson about family. To be honest, whatever the story, it is the cover art that kills this book.The blank stares are just creepy.


Cover art creeps:

Something is really wrong

Under the Sea

My Eyes! My Eyes!

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Amp Your Myspace Page: Essential Tools for Giving Your Profile an Extreme Makeover
Butow and Bellomo

Submitter: *Sigh* Well, where to begin? This sad thing was withdrawn from the Science and Technology section of the public library I work in in May of this year. Firstly, it’s horribly outdated and taking up good shelf space when we desperately need good, up-to-date books on IT. Secondly, its 292 pages are filled with information on how to add those annoying gifs and loud music to your profile page that everyone hated at the time. Finally, the stock photo of the smug-looking yuppie guy manages to be only slightly less cringey than the awkward use of the word “amp” in the title. It was never borrowed once during its sad six years in the public library system.

Holly: Was MySpace still a thing in 2008? Barely. This one was doomed before it was ever published. I can see having one or two brand new myspace books that emphasize its use in the music industry, but this book shows the MySpace of yesteryear. Useless. (And YES, those crazy background images and auto-play music files were seriously obnoxious!)

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Collection Dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus Rex: The Fierce Dinosaur

Submitter: I recently found this severely outdated book about the “ferocious” Tyrannosaurus Rex in the collection of the public library where I work. It’s from 1988, making it old enough that the king of the dinosaurs is depicted as walking upright like a person in a T-Rex costume. Only when he’s examining footprints on the ground does he use his tail for balance. Also good for a laugh: the Triceratops goring the offended-looking T-Rex in the thigh, and the misshapen baby T-Rex with the double chin.

Holly: This one could definitely be updated. Kids love dinosaur books, so librarians may be favoring quantity over quality. If the science is incorrect, though, let’s give kids something more accurate. I’m no dinosaur expert, but I do know that 27 years is a long time in any science discipline. There are lots of great dinosaur books for kids published every year, so it can easily be made a priority for updating every five years or so. Maybe even ten years, but definitely not 27!

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