Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

Not Your Mama’s Drama

Dramatized classics for Radio-style reading

Submitter: From a public middle school library with a lot of outdated books – especially in poetry and drama. We are in the process of weeding the entire library.

Holly: I don’t even have much to say about this other than BORRRRING. As you can see from the contents below, there are some good classic titles here, but how many schools do radio-style readings? It’s not the worst thing ever for classroom performances or dramatic reading, but kids will not be very excited about it.  I guess if the objective is to introduce them to classics and talk about old-timey radio shows this would work. Reader’s Theater is a more contemporary take on this idea, though. Unless the teachers insist, it’s probably a safe weed.


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Friday Fiction: Big Planet


Big Planet

Big Planet is home some of the rejects and ne’er do wells floating around the galaxy. Very earthlike, but much larger, hence the name Big Planet. Good guy Claude Glystra and his team are going to finally clean up and stop the slave trade and arms importing on the planet. Of course, they run into trouble and have to make their way back to the Earth Enclave, the safest point. This means having to deal with some petty tyrants and other folks who want them gone. Like a Star Trek landing party, they run into some interesting societies and customs along the way.

Vance had an expansive career and died last May at age 96.  He had quite the career. You can read the Wikipedia article here.


More Science Fiction:

Fight for Life

Stress Pattern

Time Pivot (don’t miss the cover art!)

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Books About the Interwebz

Submitter: I live in [Canada] and was just recently hired at a high school in order to get their library up and running once again. The collection has not been touched for many years and most of the books were donations from when the school started in 2000. As I was weeding through the collection I came across many books on how to use the internet-most of which are from the early 90s. I laughed as I realized that Netscape does not even exist anymore and how the book on the middle-right is about a program for Windows 95. It’s okay to have some books on computers for a library but there’s no way these books would be helping anybody! These are definitely being weeded!

Holly: Unless you’re running an archive, which most high schools are not, these are useless to your library. You just cleared half a shelf of space in one fell swoop!

More Bleeding Edge Internet Books:

Gay and Lesbian Online

When the Computer Overlords Run the World

Old School Computer Crime

It’s a Wang!

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