Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

Down with the Sickness

Germs make me sick: A Health Handbook for Kids
Donahue and Capellaro

Submitter: This is a cute little book, that sadly is very out of date. Although I am no longer working in a public library, I have to imagine people would be asking for information on Enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68.), Bird Flu, and Ebola.  Well they’re not in this book. Not a good idea to keep medical advice from 1975.

Holly: Agree! The miserable little characters are adorable, though. Especially the puker on the cover. Nice.


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Lady Jobs

Blue-Collar Jobs for Women: A Complete Guide to Getting skilled & Getting a High-Paying Job in the Trades


Submitter: My large local public library has reciprocal lending with a local community college library. Therefore we can borrow books from them. This book was part of the career section for their students. Both the local library and the community college library have copies of this book. A career book for women from 1979! The book is full agencies and departments to write to for more information on the listed careers. How many of them are still in their locations, never mind still existing, is unknown. I have worked in libraries for 18 years. This book is older than me. I think it’s time to withdraw and get something newer.


Holly: Totally. I am NOT climbing a telephone pole for $6.86 an hour, with the hope of someday reaching $8.34 an hour. Not. Happening.

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Dolls from Hell

Doll Making: A Creative Approach

Submitter: This book was found in the craft section of my local public library. It’s more about artistically crafted dolls you can make at home. Really, it’s just filled with creepy dolls. I know I won’t be able to get their face out of my head when I sleep at night. Hopefully this won’t scare Mary as much as the clown book I submitted a few weeks ago.

Holly: You mean this one? Yeah, that one got her good. I get that libraries should have books about doll making, and maybe even the history of doll making. I just don’t understand why they should be almost 45 years old and filled with dark, old black and white photos of the weirdest dolls ever made. There are cute and cuddly and adorable dolls out there, I swear.

Mary: That third one looks like Miss Piggy after some kind of alcoholic bender or demonic possession.


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Dressing Dolls

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DIY Boyfriend


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