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Tears of a clown


Submitter: I found this book in the children’s section of my local library. Each and every page is being held together with tape. There are gross stains and pencil marks all over the book. Yet the library has been keeping this on shelf since 1980.

Holly: Now this is just lazy. When books are being held together with tape and prayer, it really is time to let them go. By all means buy some new clown books – the creepier the better – but there’s no excuse for this taped-up, scribbled-on mess.


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Secrets about Fonzie

The Truth About Fonzie

From the Happy Days Files, here is the definitive work about the Fonz. Happy Days was a family favorite back when I was a teenager. I am sure if you are my age or older you probably did invoke the phrase “sit on it” at some point (teachers and parents being the preferred target). I always have been a fan of Henry Winkler, as an actor, the author of Hank Zipzer book series for kids and as one of my junior high crushes. I would have loved this book if it had been available in 1974, but by the late 70s and the infamous “jump the shark” episode in 1977, Happy Days was quickly starting to fade as a cool show.

Sit on it, everyone,


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It’s All in the Jeans!

American Denim: A New Folk Art

Jeans aren’t just some groovy pants, they are art!

This is one of those books that isn’t necessarily awful. The point of this book is to show design/art with denim. That’s cool. Is it a weeder? Not unless it isn’t within the scope or mission of your collection. This wouldn’t be worth space in my tiny library but larger or specialized libraries would probably snap this up. I feature it here on the site because I love the model pictures and I am wondering how much they had to pay these models. My personal favorite is the jean jacket with the upside down sheep (I think that is what it is) and the nude woman (last picture).


Cheap Chic

Dazzle them with Denim!

Fun and Fancy Fashion!

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