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Hoarding is not collection development


Making a Collection Count

Yesteryear in the NFL

The New England Patriots

Submitter: This is Patriot Nation where I found this book, so perhaps that’s enough incentive to keep this 35 year old book on the Pats. It certainly looks like it got a lot of use over the years. Unfortunately, this book was written before our 8 appearances and 4 wins in the Super Bowl. With our recent win, there have has been a glut of new books written on the Patriots, so I am not sure this one is worth keeping. Interestingly, the library I found this at has the complete series in offsite storage. So I can’t get my hands on the Bills, Saints, Lions, and etc. (They even have one on the old St. Louis Cardinals!) Drat.

Holly: What is it with storage? What is the goal of storing library materials? They aren’t being truly archived or preserved if they are stuffed in boxes or on shelves in warehouses or garages or basements somewhere. What is the criteria for putting something in storage vs. weeding it? As Submitter points out, there are lots of newer books on the Patriots available.

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Friday Fiction – My Angelica

My Angelica

Submitter: A young girl who dreams of becoming a romance novelist?? Recently weeded from a public library juvenile section.

Holly: The girl on the cover does look a bit young. Maybe it’s the overalls she’s wearing. Is there any indication of how much <ahem!> “adult” material she includes in her romance novels? Where did she learn all that, in the school yard? Also, someone should tell her that it’s much more efficient to use word processing software to write a novel than a spiral-bound notebook. Or maybe pencil and paper are part of her creative process.

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Writers Voices

Writers’ Voices series

Submitter: Look what gems we found in our collection; dusty, middle chapters from lots of books! They are a series of middle chapters of stories meant especially to be used by literacy volunteers. There is a blurb about the author in them and reading comprehension questions; sometimes even a map of countries or places mentioned in the reading. They’re thorough and well meaning teasers that have never been checked out from our stacks. These have been unused and stacked in the back of our collection for many moons.  Twenty seven cliff hangers in the weeding.

Holly: They look kind of cool, so they’re not awful library books in and of themselves. As Submitter points out, though, they’ve been unused and taking up space for a while. THAT makes them ALB’s. Maybe a local literacy council would like them.  I don’t really get the middle chapter part, though. Why wouldn’t they give you the first couple of chapters to suck you in and make you want to read the rest? If you just grab a few chapters from the middle of the book, you’re missing all kinds of context. That makes for confusion and frustration – not reading comprehension!

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