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Making a Collection Count

Be a perfect wife through home decor

decorating to please him cover

Decorating to Please Him

We are back with another Barbara Taylor Bradford decorating book from the How to be a Perfect Wife series. Make sure you click here for another book in the series. Obviously, being a perfect wife take many books. Barbara has all the advice for you ladies trying to “please” your husband. Evidently, it is your job to make sure the decorating suits his needs. There is a ton of advice to make sure you have manly looking space for him and not overwhelm him with too much femininity in your decorating. He needs a “charming atmosphere that relaxes him”. I think Barbara needs to stick to fiction.

I would rather have a charming atmosphere that relaxes me. A good chair, a good book and a nice cocktail would be a great start.


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Real Men Like Poetry

rough men tough men cover

Rough Men, Tough Men
Poems of Action and Adventure
Cole, ed.

This book caught my eye for both the title and the cover art. I think  the orange pirate look on the guy is a bit creepy. I also want to remind the editor that ladies can be rough, tough and appreciate a bit of blood and gore in their poetry as well.

The poetry itself is from a variety of authors, including Shakespeare, Tennyson and Swift. There is a lot of good stuff here, but the packaging is geared to elementary school boys from the late 1960s.


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Massage Madness

coverThe Massage Book

Submitter: I have a truly horrifying submission for your perusal. I work at the downtown branch of a large library system up in Canada, and I was going over a cart of books that had fallen out of circulation. To my chagrin, this was in our collection, and is one of those great books printed in brown ink as only the 1970s could do. You learn how to create your own oils, make your own massage table and various techniques for massage. With illustrations that become a little graphic, it’s quite a book. I see why it languished on the shelves!

Holly: Mary has a clown phobia and I have a massage phobia. I am totally grossed out even thinking about some stranger sliding their hands over my skin. Ewwww. I get that libraries should have books like this, though. It was a completely reasonable choice for 1972. It should’ve been weeded by about 1980 at the latest.

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