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Friday Fiction: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

seemed like a good idea at the time cover

It seemed like a good idea at the time
1995 (original copyright 1987)

I was going through some teen books and stumbled across this cover. I couldn’t figure out from the cover what this book was all about. A make-over for the boyish looking girl? A gender bending teen book? The basic story line is about the new kid at school, Mike. His new friends on the school paper want to do a dramatic expose on the inner workings of a girls only party. Mike agrees to masquerade as “Michelle” and crash the cool girl Judy Turner’s exclusive all girl party and find out what girls actually talk about when no boys are around.

Aside from the very 1980s cover, the book is clever and funny. Does it hold up with today’s kids? I am not sure. Also, Mike, the shoes with the athletic socks are a real fashion “no.”


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Desktop Publishing from the Dark Ages

Writing and Publishing with your PCWriting and Publishing with Your PC: The Ultimate Reference for Personal Computer-Based Writing, Illustrating, Desktop Publishing, Publisher Relations, and Book Marketing and Distribution

Submitter: Writing and publishing with your computer is a topic that many people are interested in, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that products and software have changed a bit since 1998. Some of the people who might be checking the book out to jump start a self-publishing career were probably not even born when this book was written. The many options available to self-publishers today were still only a gleam on the horizon twenty years ago. Our patrons deserve better.

Holly: Good grief – this book shows Microsoft Publisher ’97! I’m not even sure what version of Adobe Photoshop they’re using. Moses there on the cover is scratching his head in befuddlement too. Useless.

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Guess What? Chicken Butt!

Anatomy and Physiology for ChildrenAnatomy and Physiology for Children Explained Through the Dissection of a Chicken

Submitter: This book last circulated in 1970 (thank goodness) and was withdrawn from the juvenile section of a mid-size academic library. I’m all for drawing similarities across living organisms, but the illustrations of the dead chicken innards are just creepy and I can totally understand the expression on the androgynous human’s face if that were the outside of my body (seems to be missing a few things). Also, if dissecting a chicken is supposed to tell us about, well, us, then why do you spend most of the book explaining how we’re different? And what is on the table on the cover? Chestnuts? Chicken hearts? You decide.

Holly: This book is for children?? Its format and vocabulary are very mature. The little darlings on the cover have been put off their chicken nuggets for a while, I think.

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