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A creepy, broken doll says it all

Everything You Need to Know About: Family Violence.

Submitter: I swear to the Library Gods that I have gone through this collection with a fine toothed comb at least three times in the last three years, but still, I find gems like this one. *SIGH*

We are a small 6-12 school library in Maine, near where Stephen King lives. I should send him this book so that he has the imagery he needs for his next super-creepy best-seller. The cover is creepy, every male in the book is creepy, the styles are…ugh…and the 100% female victims are even creepy. The material is outdated (not a single website or “text for help” number in the back) and was pretty horrible, even when it was current. Everyone is white, men are only protective or abusers, women and children are only victims. Very cut and dry, don’t you think? Everything you need to know! I guess it’s not as complicated and thorny as I thought it was! There is no mention in the entire book of getting support from your friends and family, of calling the cops, or anything resembling common sense.

Holly: We published this about 5 years ago and it was creepy then.  The cover with the “broken” doll is a bit over the top, but let’s be honest, who wouldn’t pick up this creepy book? Pick it up for information and assistance with family violence? Nope.

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Submitter: I work for a tiny academic library. Shortly before I was hired the library accepted a large donation of books. These books were added to the catalog but then most were put in storage due to lack of shelf space. The book listed below I recently found in storage and it would not be useful to students here. It has since been weeded.

Holly: OMG, there is more than one tin craft book in the world?? Maybe it was a “thing” back in the day. Remember this one?


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Friday Fiction: Cover Art Creeps

Against That Day

I have a real problem with this cover. Is it just me or do those look like plastic disembodied heads on the cover? I also think that little girl head is creepy and I think looking at this cover I will not be able to sleep well. I think this book might have to have an “unfortunate encounter” with coffee.

I can’t really speak to the book itself. This is a Christian fiction romance about a missionary family heading to Peru. Clem, the wife has some sort of problem with Peru as her parents died there. I am sure it all works out in the end. Regardless, I am sleeping with one eye open.


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