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Making a Collection Count

Dear Santa, I want a husband!

The Christmas Husband

It is that time of year when all the holiday themed romances start getting some circulation action. Today’s choice seems to be a book mashup of Sleepless in Seattle and Christmas in Connecticut.

Radio love doctor, Madison, dispenses relationship advice to the folks of San Francisco. Of course, she is has no boyfriend or family. Her staff at the radio keeps her personal life under wraps so she can continue her mystique as Dr. Love. At the same time we have Steven, a widower with a kid. Steven is lonely and of course “meet cute” circumstances bring our loveless Dr. Love and Steven, the lonely single dad together. Romance and Christmas follows. Of course there is a happily ever after!


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Knot Again!


We haven’t had a macrame book show up in a while here at the ALB home offices. When this showed up, I grabbed it. Macrame was such a thing in the late 60s and early 70s. I remember getting a wedding shower gift in 1982 of a macrame wall hanging of a chicken. I thought it was a joke at the time since even 1982 was too late for a macrame anything. (It wasn’t.) I gave it as a joke to a friend of mine as a she got married, and I believe she passed it on as well. Somewhere, the macrame chicken is out there as a testament to all bad gifts.



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Grab a Dummy!

Fun With Ventriloquism
Van Rensselaer

As a kid, I thought ventriloquism was kind of cool and do remember Edgar Bergen and Shari Lewis. In 1968, I would have been all over this book (if the puppets weren’t too creepy). This particular book probably hadn’t seen much action since the catalog was automated.

So, break out the dummy and head to the library so you can be just like Shari Lewis.


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