Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development



Intruder in Your Home: How to Defend Yourself Legally With a Firearm

Submitter: I found this book on my local urban public library. I think it was a good purchase for 1983. A bit scary, but that’s one way to present the information. However, more than half this book covers states’ rights on how to defend yourself. Out of date now. Just as an example, Florida’s Stand Your Ground law was enacted in 2005. That won’t be covered in this book.

Holly: Suuuuper creepy cover! Look, this book is filled with outdated statistics. That alone makes it a weeder for most public libraries.

Side note: The section [included below] about sleepwalkers creeped me right the heck out. Little known fact: I’m a chronic sleepwalker. I have regular (weekly-ish) episodes where I lash out and scream and holler. The Husband is not amused, but really he should be thanking me. I’m trying to save his life, ya know? We can never have a firearm in our bedroom.

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Ancient Goldfish

Goldfish In Your Home

Submitter: The condition of this book should make it a weed, never mind the date! This book looked like it fell into a fish tank. I am sending over the best part of this book, the googly eyed fish!

Holly: But the children will love the black and white pictures of googly eyed fish! Where on earth will you be able to get googly eyed fish pictures if you weed this?

Just kidding. You can weed it.

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Bad parenting is making kids gay


Shaping Your Child’s Sexual Identity

This is yet another of the “fix your gay kids” advice books. Lots of “great” advice in watching out for those excessively masculine traits in girls and overly feminine traits in boys.  Bad parenting=gay kids because you need to be vigilant in your supervision. You need to slap a doll out of the hand of a boy and/or make those girls wear dresses or the entire civilization is ruined.

The fact that this book exists and that people believe it, it is proof enough that civilization is ruined.

I will be in the back, weeping (again) for humanity,


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