Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development


Making a Collection Count

Abortion: The Sequel

Abortion II: Making the Revolution

Submitter: The number of strikes against keeping this book in the library are numerous. The book was first published in 1973, the year of the Roe vs. Wade court decision. While the contents may be of interest to academics interested in historical events leading up to this important court decision, it is of no interest to public library patrons. Especially as it has not checked out in over five years. In addition to the out-dated contents, the book binding is broken, the pages are turning yellow, and the book emits a funny smell. It definitely shows its 42 years of age!

Holly: There are really not many reasons why a public library needs to keep this. There are plenty of current books that give the same information, but in historical context. If your public library’s mission and purpose are to support university- or professional-level research, then great. Keep it. Otherwise, buy the Opposing Viewpoints volume on abortion (or something similar) and move on with your life.

Mary: The condition of the book makes it an automatic weed. However, my question is this a second in a series? Is it a sequel? What was the first book about? I hate cliffhangers.

But It’s Historical!:

History of Nursing

Encyclopaedia Britannica

High School Guide to Commies

Keeping America Safe for Democracy

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Sexy Therapy



Should a Therapist Have Intercourse With Patients?
Psychology Today

Submitter: This surprising 35 min cassette recording could have been compressed into a 5 second recording comprised of 1 word : NO

Holly: Was this actually something that the profession was questioning in the 1970s? It gives “sex therapy” a whole new meaning!

More Psychobabble:

Deviant Minorities

Doughnuts Made Me Do It

“You are such a tight ass”

Scream Your Way to Mental Health


The Retarded Reader

Understanding and Helping the Retarded Reader

Submitter: My local library has a small section on education help. Here is an ancient book from the proceedings of a conference on reading problems held in 1962. Scholarly, and not much help to a public patron who might be dealing with this issue.

Holly: This is in a public library? Whyyyyy?

More Help for the Challenged:

Steven is Retarded

Training Retarded Babies

Siblings of Retarded Children

Church for the Retarded

Crafts for the Retarded

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