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We’re Going to Make You a Star

We're Going to Make You a StarWe’re Going to Make You a Star

Submitter: [This book] was in our collection and requested via [interlibrary loan]. We opted to withdraw it rather than send it along. How embarrassing! Love the television.

Holly: The TV has a handle on it!

This is the biography of Sally Quinn, a journalist for the Washington Post. She was moved from a career in print to the CBS morning show so that their network had a rival to Barbara Walters. Of course, she was an overnight sensation with all the usual haters saying she was “bitchy” and “slept her way to the top” (according to a Goodreads review, anyway. I didn’t read the book.)

If your patrons still read it and you have space for it, that’s great…but you probably don’t, so just go ahead and weed it. 😉

Retro Cooking from the 1940s

The Way to his heart

The Way To His Heart

Here is another retro cookbook for your consideration. This is one of those cute family recipe books. One of the young married daughters has written her other sisters, mother, and grandmother to help her with cooking since I get the feeling her husband isn’t too happy with her current cooking. The recipes are very basic and peppered with some advertisement for some grocery products. This was published a year before World War 2 rationing of basic grocery products, which led to the publication of many cookbooks that addressed some of the challenges of rationed products. (If you want some fun reading about war rations and cooking see this Mental Floss article.)


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Roughing it

family camping guide cover

Family Camping
Lane Book Company
1963 (2nd edition)

Camping was a big deal when I was a little kid. I believe it was the only way my parents could afford a vacation. As I got older, the charm of camping got old. To me, roughing it means no room service or no wifi. This particular book was my parent’s bible of camping. It isn’t too bad for content in the early 1960s, but of course it is pretty useless in this century. I got a kick out of the pictures which actually reminded me of our family camping trips when I was a kid.


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