Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development

Saturday Night Fever

The Bee Gees

Hubba hubba! May I present to you the hotties of 1979, The Bee Gees.

What a great choice for the public middle school library that submitted this book! Well, 35 years ago, anyway. It could have been weeded in the mid-80s. By then the Gibb brothers were doing more solo work than as The Bee Gees.

If you have the space and the interest, it’s not the worst thing. If, like the submitting library, things haven’t been weeded in a while and space is a concern, it can go and the middle schoolers probably won’t miss it.

RIP Robin and Maurice Gibb.


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Foster Care Fun

For Your Own Good

These books seem to be ubiquitous. I think they are stalking me! I am now sleeping with one eye open.

Yes, today we have another Sanford Special about life in a foster family. Our young protagonist is Jerome and he has a little brother Jamin. Of course, mom is a drinker and drug abuser. Her boyfriend Jake is also a real prize. He is a drug dealer and has been known to hit Jerome and his brother. Fortunately child protective service swoops in after a particularly bad night and rescues Jerome and Jamin.  Mom and Jake are off to jail and Jerome and Jamin are placed in foster care.  Jerome is confused and angry at everyone. The foster family makes him bathe and eat regularly! Jerome and Jamin go to therapy and are told they have a right to their feelings. They also try and visit mom in a rehab center. Of course, she doesn’t show up. Jake gets a new apartment and takes anger management classes. (I have no idea how these two got out of jail, the timeline is a bit foggy.) Jerome calls his foster parent “Dad” and begins to heal. Cue the orchestra and scene….

I am sure you are all happy and are comforted by Jerome and Jamin’s brave recovery.


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Lady Cops

Police careers for women

Submitter: I have found another woefully out of date career book at my local public library. I volunteer and help people long out of work find new careers or jobs. We need to use the resources at the large public library. As a librarian at another institution, I can’t imagine not weeding a careers section at a such a large public library. Yet, there are plenty of books just like this.

Holly: We all know how Mary has a fit every time an old career book shows up at ALB, so she has to be absolutely cringing at this one. It’s reeeeaaaallly bad, you guys. It was a perfectly reasonable book for a public library, but it is so out of date as to be useless! The lady on the cover stepped right out of 1979 with that hair. The pages below detail how it is hard to get uniforms to fit women and how lady cops don’t want to be wearing a skirt and heels, digging their gun out of their purse. Well, no kidding! The page on physical size is interesting, and I’m glad to know that at 5’0 and within the normal weight limit listed on that page, I too can be a lady cop. Score one for me! Think I’ll keep my day job, though.

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