Awful Library Books

Hoarding is not collection development


Making a Collection Count

No Double Balling

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Bowling for Everyone

Submitter: It’s not that the information in the book is out of date, it’s just that the photos make it feel dated. I think that if this was republished with updated photos, then you might have a winner.

Holly: The pictures (below) are priceless. That could be my Grandpa and my Dad in the 70s, living the dream with their bowling league. What the heck is the guy doing spiking the bowling ball, though? Not cool, sir. I also learned that “double balling” is disapproved of. I should say so.

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Not Your Mama’s Architecture

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How to Build Your Cabin or Modern Vacation Home

Submitter: I am an Architecture Librarian, so this 1964 title caught my eye at my local public library. Although my library doesn’t own it; we might, and I stress might, keep it for the architects to look back as a style guide. However, it is completely out of date for a public library. None of these buildings would meet the tough building code requirements of today. The tax and construction cost data is also out of date.

Holly: If I were to build a cabin or modern vacation home, I would want the most up-to-date book I could find. I would pour over home plan books and magazines and Pinterest and HGTV. What I would not do is check out a book from 1964.

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Your Guide to Married Life – For Teens!

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Teen Guide to Married Life

So, what is marriage all about? Teens want to know and this is the guide!

Nothing particularly earth shattering here. Basics about sharing, money management, apartments, children, etc. This is basically a plea for teens to be cautious. Despite the cover, there is very little about painting a wall. My dad would say that if you want to test a relationship, a couple should have to paint and/or wall paper a small bathroom in hot weather. If you can do that without killing each other, you can probably manage a marriage.

As far as this book is concerned, there is nothing “wrong” with this book. It’s just dated and probably would not be used by any teen. The hair and fashion depicted is a dead giveaway that this book is hardly speaking to a contemporary audience. (You can almost hear Milli Vanilli playing in the background).


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