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Knitting Art – NSFW

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Knitting Art
Karen Searle

That’s right, folks, a knitting book that is not safe for work. Click through at your own peril.

Submitter would especially like to draw your attention to the knitted land mines, which look like…well, not land mines.

The author did call it art…


Just for kicks, take a look at this book at too (but not at work!)

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Fly Me To the Moon

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Rocket to the Moon

Submitter: This system had a children’s museum annex (hence the stamp on the record sleeve), there was no sign of a checkout card sleeve in the book.  My guess is that it spent nearly all of it’s life there. The slides and 45RPM record were still in the book and are in very good condition considering the age of the book and the number of years it must have been on the shelf. Compared to some of the other books on the site, it’s not awful in terms of subject matter or art, just horribly outdated once the Apollo missions went to the moon and back. I’m surprised it stayed on the shelves as long as it did. It was outdated when it turned 10 years old, let alone 50.

Holly: This. Is. Awesome. This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Totally outdated for a library, and even a children’s modern science museum (history museums excepted), but I’d totally buy it at a used book sale.

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Talking Sex to the Kids

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How to tell your children about sex

In another throwback to the 50s, we have a book about talking to your kids about sex, aimed at Christian parents. It’s not the worst I’ve seen, but is seriously dated. The general advice is pretty sound: answer questions as they come up and don’t get fearful or defensive. This is probably pretty good advice for any question kids have.

Naturally, there is emphasis in staying within strict guidelines of acceptable behavior. Modesty, particularly for the girls, should be emphasized early and often. I can’t imagine too many modern parents getting upset at kids for pretty normal stuff like shedding clothes, discussion of genitalia, and toilet habits. If this guy ever showed up at my story time, he would see the occasional disrobing, kids showing me “big kid” underwear and lots of unladylike behavior. No big deal. It’s what toddlers and preschoolers do.

I would weed it in a heartbeat at my library, however it might have value in a university archive or library.  In the meantime, I thought this book was an interesting throwback to olden times. Read it for laughs and or for historical jollies, not for information.


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