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Making a Collection Count

Breaker, Breaker

The World of CB Radio
Long, Crystal, Keating

When I was in high school, CB radios were considered a cool accessory for your car. It sat right next to the 8 track tape. Youngsters, this was like twitter and cell phones combined. My knowledge of CB radios extends to seeing Smokey and the Bandit at least twice as a teen.(Side note: This was when Burt Reynolds was THE man. If you need a Burt Reynolds fix, please jump to this and this post where Burt shares his backside with his adoring fans.)

My late father-in-law would just like to listen to truckers chat. I have still had the rare reference question here and there with respect to amateur radio but I don’t think I have heard the term CB radio since the early 1980s. Any radio people wish to update us?


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Friday Fiction: Monique’s Nightmare

Le Calvaire de Monique
de Francheville

Submitter: I submit this book even if it is in French as it is my favorite weeded book of all time. The title “Le calvaire de Monique” means pretty much “Monique’s nightmare.” However, as you can see, Monique never lost her great smile! The history is also delightful : Monique is a young French-Canadian who has two prospects : a poor but honest French-Canadian-Catholic guy and Peter, a wealthy Anglo-Protestant man. Monique wishes to have a better life than her parents so she decided to marry the Protestant one. OMG OMG OMG! Their interfaith relationship turns sour (of course) and Monique is left alone with a baby by her English husband. This is a cruel lesson for a young women who wanted to be “modern” and decided to get married outside the Catholic Church.

Holly: At first glance, it looks like a delightful 1950s book about a delightful 1950s girl. (Still a weeder – this copy is being held together with tape and a prayer.) The story line Submitter describes definitely sounds nightmarish. “Calvaire” translates (in Google Translate, anyway…I don’t speak French) to Calvary, which is the place where Jesus was crucified. The poor dear was certainly punished for her transgressions, from the sounds of it. In 1953 this must have been quite controversial!


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Hollywood Dogs

Red Carpet Pups

I have a pet peeve about animals in outfits. Just no. They always look embarrassed. However, I am quite sure that there is an audience for this book. Kristin Stewart and Niki Menaj fans, maybe?

The copy I looked at was as sturdy as a magazine, but I would probably keep it. There is just no accounting for taste.


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