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Suicide DIY?


Everything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide

Submitter: My local library has two copies of the 1988 edition of Everything You Need to Know About Teen Suicide. Plus they have multiple copies of the 4 later editions of this book.  The fact that the publisher found it necessary to update this book 4 times since the 1988 publication tells a lot. This copy has data up to 1985 and resource help from 1988. Awful.

Holly: The title makes it sound like a how-to manual! It’s good that they update it often, but there’s no reason for any library to have multiple copies of anything but the most recent edition. Teen suicide as a result of cyber bullying is a recent trend that really should be covered in a book like this, and there’s no way it’s mentioned in a 1988 edition.


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Published “One Million Years B.C.”

Raquel: The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program

Submitter: Here is a trip back to 1984. This book offers a small bio in the front, followed by another section on the total beauty and exercise regimen by Raquel. It must be working because she still looks great today. What we loved most about this book was a the large section of glamor shots of 1984 Raquel that make up most of this book.

Holly: Raquel who? Ok, I do know who Raquel Welch is, but she’s currently 75 years old and doesn’t quite look like this anymore (although she does look fantastic!). This book is so awesome-80’s I can hardly stand it. She was quite…flexible…wasn’t she?!


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Trash to Treasure?


Trash to Treasure: The Recycler’s Guide to Creative Crafts
Van Wagner Childs

Submitter: Here’s a treasure that I found while weeding. I’m pretty sure that 1996 wants her hairstyle and crafts back. These days, people use Pinterest and newer craft books for recycled crafts. The book is dated and beaten up, so it’s off to the trash.

Holly: This is a great topic for a craft book for a public library! It’s just really dated, and this particular copy is not in the best shape. I’m with Submitter: Pinterest and new books on this topic are a better option. On a side note, the lamp is kind of cute, but the Easter Surprise Box is a bit over-the-top. My Grandma might like it, I guess…


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