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Bums! NSFW!

A Woman Looks at Men’s Bums

Submitter: Found this gem in our university library and had to share. It’s a book of photographs of, well, the title is fairly self-explanatory really! It’s from 1983 (which surprised me, from the looks of it I’d have said 1970s). It hasn’t been borrowed since 2001, but looks very well-thumbed indeed! I particularly like the author’s photo from the back cover. She looks probably the happiest I’ve ever seen anyone look… (Well, you would, wouldn’t you!) I’m slightly baffled as to why this was purchased in the first place. It was in our photography section, and I guess maybe when it was bought it was a good social art project type book, but now it’s just incredibly dated, not to mention yellowed and tatty! WEEDED.

Holly: God bless America.

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Ladies! Make your own sweatshop

Creative Careers for Women: A Handbook of Sources and Ideas for Part-Time Jobs
Scobey and McGrath

Submitter: Creative careers for women has a nice chapter for those industrious women at home. Put your kids to work! Moms, if you love parenting them, you’ll love being their middle manager. Joking aside, having the kids work with you sounds cute. As long as it doesn’t develop into a sweatshop in the garage. I have seen a number of these bindings at my local library and here on ALB: paperbacks who have had their covers glued onto hardbacks. For our binder to do that, it’s a bit expensive. I can understand the appeal of a cover. At our library, people certainly do judge a book by its cover. So in some very rare circumstances, we will save the cover. But this book? I would have withdrawn and updated, not spent more to preserve it.

Holly: This is pretty specific: creative careers – for women – for part-time jobs. You can tell just from the introduction that it is old, and of course the sources in the appendix have no web sites. I can’t think of any good reason to keep this in a public library.

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Positive Feelings

Be Positive: Staying Healthy

Submitter: I am “Positive” that this one should be dumped! Here is one of three copies of a self help book from 1993. Flipping through the pages gave me flash backs to elementary school. That fashion!
With an outdated bibliography in the back, I think it’s easy to let this one go.

Holly: Nice message and a nice book, but I’m with Submitter. It’s too out-of-fashion to be appealing to its target audience, who were born after this book was published.

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